What is Daementia?

The state of being influenced by daemons.

Daemons are unseen entities that influence humans.

Daemon, spelled this way in the manner of the original Latin, is completely neutral referring to any invisible creature set on swaying humans to action. The word daemon can describe an angel and can describe a demon. A daemon can also be any other invisible creature, such as a spirit, ghost or poltergeist. Some even say that there are interdimensional aliens that have come to Earth to mess with humans but can only be seen when they enter our dimension. Nielsen also postulates that even humans can create daemons and do so on a daily basis.

Whatever they may be it is certain that all humans are born into this state of influence of unseen creatures.

It seems as if there is a bubble around the entire Earth that is filled with a fluid of intelligent beings whose sole reason for existence is to meddle with humans.

What for? And how do they all fit here?

Each has its own agenda and they can all easily fit here because space is relative. Collectively all of them could fit on the tip of a finger.

Some daemons work hard to get control of an endocrine system and it appears that their sole purpose is to manipulate it to get it to produce specific emotions.

Other daemons are future selves who have come back to guide and assist.

Then there are blood daemons who are family members that require a vicarious service and nudge the person along at just the right moment to facilitate it. Sometimes they are just looking out for their loved one.

But most of all it is important to remember that all these daemons are but parts of the one, each playing a role vital to the experience of the one.


Some words on the Daementia Movement by Derek K. Nielsen.

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