Nielsen on Daementia

The end is as the beginning circling around.

Daementia is the state of humanity. If humans were ever to be called cursed it would be for their torment swiftly enacted by races of unseen creatures.

There is not one act uninfluenced by entities unseen.

A pact made twixt the two.

Don't be surprised.

Gravity is a constant struggle, easily over come, but a strong force that never relents.

Haven't you ever felt, maybe on just one occasion, that it was too easy to have been pushed to rage?

Have you never been wrapped up in an emotion and looked at yourself as though totally detached and wondered how you got there?

Did you really feel in control of yourself?

If you have then you have experienced the extreme of Daementia. For the most part, the forces that act on humans are much more subtle and vastly undetectable. These creatures prefer it that way. Now, once in a while a large bully of a creature shows up and can really wreck a person. Our asylums are full of people physically imprinted with creatures like that. But be at peace knowing that for every system there must be a balance. You are that balance. Your light is tipping the balance; how powerful you are.






© Derek K. Nielsen 2000 - 2007