Daementia Movement

As the fly dies twice so do humans thereby leaving a space open for them to inhabit after this form. That space, merely a frequency away, co-exists and intermingles from time to time with the consciousness of all humans. It is obvious that there are unseen forces that interact upon all matter notwithstanding a paranormal force with intent coming from intelligent if not cohesive matter out of the visible range of light. Just as the wind is not seen, its effects are plainly apparent, so too are these effects of forces acting on humans to sway them to certain action. The goal is to be aware of this influence and to become autonomous in action instead of blundering through life as an occasional puppet of control. Thus the Daementia Movement is created to vulgarize this knowledge to empower humans to be a more sovereign force of choice.

            The power of God is that of pure creativity and humans have been abundantly endowed with it, though most are blind to what they truly create. If eyes were opened and humans were to view what they are creating moment to moment they would be shocked at how much power they possess and most dismayed at what they have been creating. The human body is a magnetic warping device that manipulates space and time similar to how the sun affects its surroundings and the real question is who is in control of that body?

             The Daementia Movement is to assist humans to become aware of their power so that they may create consciously with purpose and designed autonomous intent. This is achieved through mechanisms of reflection, for in unveiling the eyes to see will this be accomplished. A main component of this is through visual stimuli. An ingenious way of creating shapes for this reflection has been created and has taken the form of a style of artistic abstractions.

            Art is a soft way to open the eyes, yet for some may be as dramatic as a slap in the face. The unique aspect of art is that subconsciously the viewer decides how they will be affected. Will seeds be planted to germinate later or will there be a miraculous blossoming in the moment? In any case art is a most effective way to reflect a human’s state in Daementia.

            What kind of art is most effective? It is the most profound. It is the most subjective. It is the kind that involves the viewer the most actively. It is the art that is visual that contains no purposely-planted representation of colloquial images. It is the most abstract where shapes are spontaneously formed by the viewer’s faculties. It contains the colors of consciousness activation that stimulate the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus, which are the body’s main centers of magnetic control.

            This abstract art style involves using natural relationships of shapes underlying a matrix of color with comprehensive complementary cohesion. The end result is seen as an ever shifting of variations that tell unique stories to each viewer. These stories are the key to unveiling their state in Daementia.

Paintings incorporating such design techniques will almost serve as a hypnotic device which acts as a key to open the flow of locked information. Most times the viewer is not even aware of what is happening, but a deeper level is affected to bring about more awakening to what is really going on in their life. Those who are aware can use the medium to assist them in a multitude of ways by consciously stating their intent before using it. This opens the door to a wide range of possibilities where the only limitation is the creativity of the user.

            Because of the complexity of the art medium and its psychometrics, their use is only recommended while in the presence of the original.

Derek K. Nielsen





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