What are daemons?

The word is Latin adopted into English in 1387 from the Greek Daimon which referred to a lesser god or muse of the gods. Many translations of the Bible from Greek into English show daemon to mean essentially a spirit, but over time English adopted a negative connotation to the word.

Other possible insights into the word can be traced from various cognates such as the Greek word Daiminon meaning an inward oracle. Daemons can be just that, and the source of much esoteric information comes from daemons in the form of channeling.

There are myths about how Zeus created the daemons to inspire the gods, similarly to how we now view the muses to act on humans. Of course muses would be classified as daemons.

If you had eyes to see all of the invisible activity around you and sort out who is who, you would see that many of influencers are deceased family members. Others would consist of trapped souls, (probably because of Earth's gravity) and two races starving of what humans have to give.

Emotions are an electromagnetic source of fuel for these other dimensional beings. Think of your self as the sun. Your emotions are like the energy emitted from the sun and these creatures are absorbing what you are emitting and liking the feeling very much. But you, as the sun are never strongly emitting much so you must be provoked. Look around you. There are so many emotional triggers. The modern American life is centered on participating in drama. No? Look at the talk shows, movies, news or anything on TV.

How much have these daemons controlled society? Are we adicted to the emotional emissions these creatures provoke?

How often are you emitting emotions of frustration, fear, anger, revenge, helplessness, despair and even loneliness. Most any emotion you don't like to feel, they love.

Use the paintings on this website to discover your state in Daementia.

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