Derek K. Nielsen's

Diverse Works

Having worked many mediums for over thirty years Nielsen has various works to show. His first artistic love was for the pencil and pen. Sadly much of his early work has been lost or destroyed, but what survives will gradually appear on the links of this page. In Nielsen's teens he discovered the messy and difficult medium of chalk and pastel, works of which are now classified in the drawings link. Photography is Nielsen's latest passion, which takes after a patriarcal love for the medium, perhaps even more so since the passing of his grandfather Harold Nielsen.

"I do not find it strange that since the phase transition of my grandpa I am more drawn to the photography of nonlinear systems. He was an avid shutterbug with many awards on his shelf. I count myself very fortunate to have taken one of his photography classes at Rick's College when I was eleven. My eye for detail and composition was formed at that age. I remember thoroughly loving the lab and the development process, but it was finding the unique and perfect composition that I enjoyed most." - Nielsen





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