The General Symbolism Of Nielsen’s Paintings

Each painting you see here is literally a snapshot of a moment in Daementia. If you are coming to this page cold and have no idea what Daementia is, please click on the worded link to find out more.

This snapshot contains all of the history of your passage into this existence, which is expressed through a series of profound symbols embedded in the work itself.

Firstly Nielsen chose a particleboard made of wood. This may seem conventional, but wood has multiple meanings, which we shall lightly explore here. Esoterically trees are the guardians of this planet. They create a web of protection around the globe that shields humans from many destructive forces. They also create life and a life-giving medium in which to live. Without trees there would be no humans. The tree is also a symbol of enlightenment. One example of this is the Bo Tree under which Sidhartha Gautama sat when he awoke. Another example is the eternal life-giving act of the crucifixion of Jesus on the Tree. Then there is the universal symbol of the Tree Of Life.

The board is flat and symmetrically pure. From quantum theory we see that particles basically act in two dimensions and that the other dimensions are but illusions. So we are all in a flat 2d universe seeing everything in 4d.

From this life-giving medium that the trees provide, you emerge at birth all white and pure carrying with you a specific signature that some call the soul or spirit. This signature is your basic essence that is eternal and immortal. On the board Nielsen pours a white primer or gesso and molds into it a specific signature of natural harmonics, which is a relationship of shapes that are called fractals. These shapes are in relief to the board and have the illusion of depth. From the flat universe there are new eyes to see new dimensions.

As you go through life you darken and lose the purity you had at birth. This gives you a very distinct personality and truly makes you human. It gives you color and an interesting depth of character that shouts to the world of who you are or at least what you have created yourself to be in this life. On the textured, white board Nielsen applies colored pigment. He never uses white again, but there is always a light or glow shining from underneath. You can see this in each of his paintings. When confronted with an original Nielsen you cannot miss the glow. This is that signature of who you are shining from within. No matter how dark you have become there will always be that light of who you are shining from underneath your experiences of this life.

Each painting is a snapshot of your state in Daementia. It is reflecting back to you who you are in this moment. The painting will morph over time because you are constantly changing. Every day the painting has something new to tell you, if you chose to listen.

What is it that you deserve now?
Let a painting assist you to get it. The painting can act as a talisman and facilitate the opening of doors.
Let Nielsen create your perfect talisman teacher.

I deserve a Nielsen





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