How do the paintings work?

They act as mirrors to reflect your state back to you.

This is possible through the natural harmonic shapes and colors in the paintings. These shapes are perfect fractals that are generated naturally, meaning they aren't computer generated. They are formed naturally just as any fractal in nature through forces of gravity and intention.

Through your life's experience your brain loves to associate, which is to put meaning to what you see. Your natural tendency is to create familiar objects out of the pure abstract shapes of the paintings.

This is very fortunate because your subconscious doesn't lie. It will always tell you the truth. So, what you see can be deciphered and interpreted. It can be as simple or as complex and you want.

A few guidlines could always be beneifical, such as if you see something frightening in the painting then there are malevolent daemons in your life. Probably the ones that are milking you for food.

If you see beauty and pleasantness then you may be clear of malicious influence and exhibit much light in your life.

A healer and guide are the best assistace for deciphering anyting of more detail.

Writing down what you see is very important.

Here are other ways to use the art.






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