Updated 28 May 2012

All painting prices have been removed due to negotiations underway to acquire the entire collection of the artist. If you were one of the lucky few to have realized the value of these paintings and bought one, thank you for your support. At this moment none of Nielsen's paintings are available for purchase, except for the four paintings in Sedona's exquisite restaurant Rene at Tlaquepaque and a selection of Nielsen's paintings after July 2008

For the latest info you must go to Nielsen's myspace page
When you add him as a friend you can subscribe to all his latest! Only there can you see his latest paintings right now and get upto date details on his activities.

Nielsen's Fractal Field Painting is now on the web:
The movement is growing. Now there are three members.

Also, due to the fractal nature of all of Nielsen's paintings two more sites are up:
Now three:

“Some people ask me, why don’t you post your solos on the net? And I always say, okay. But then I never got around to it, until now.”

Be sure to look at the Aikya Series of 2008: Newly posted art

Nielsen is now represented by the Saatchi Gallery. Please stop by to view the listed paintings:
Type in Derek K. Nielsen to find them.

The famed London interior designer Fiona Barratt is using Nielsen for her design projects. She has expressed her love for his fabulous texture with her latest purchase of the paintings Eyes Of Self and Self Discovery.

James A. Yorke acquired Human Earth Song and now hangs on his front office wall at the University of Maryland. He says there have been lots of great comments.

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Nielsen is painting in the Bay Area.



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