How do Nielsen's paintings change the past?

I have said that my paintings change the past and the future. How does that work? We all have a preconceived idea that the past is fixed. It is not. What is the past? To look into the past we must first have a set of eyes. Any eyes you chose has a paradigm filter that sifts through any input of information whether by third party or fist hand experience. That information is constantly changing, even if you have experienced the event first hand. When the filter changes, so does the info, and the filter is constantly changing so also is the info. So the past is forever in flux.

How does this relate to the art? I will explain two ways. One, the work acts as a key to open possibilities to enter new areas of consciousness and light. When this happens there is inadvertently healing that takes place. This healing is the desire of everyone, whether they want to admit it or not. The path to healing can be taken or not. But in any case the paradigm filter will have been changed simply by looking at the painting. Two, those who make the step forward into new areas of light change the playing field for all the players by adding to the cumulative light, thereby illuminating what was before obscure. So even if you refuse to heal there will be more light which also changes your paradigm filter thereby changing your past.

Now, the future will also change, and that is a little easier to comprehend, isn't it?

Derek K. Nielsen






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