Music To Open Doorways
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Music is the math and geometry to unlock many doors and gates.

Geometric shapes are the keys to the knowledge of the universe.

All knowledge and power exists in geometric forms.

Listen to this piece here.

How did you feel?

Music is another way to reveal your state in Daementia.
What kind of music do you listen to?

Music promotes a certain vibration or emotional output from your body.

Music is a powerful way to get you to feel a certain way.

Listen to this piece of music.

How did you feel?

Did you know that the US Military used this kind of music to torture prisoners of war? This music really messed with the Muslims because they hadn’t been exposed to it like we have.

I have experimented with many, many different types of music. Here is a list of music I highly recommend for enjoyment and for enlightenment.

I have over 600 CDs of Baroque music in my collection because I have found this period of music to be particularly useful for opening energy pathways in my body. I feel that it is due to its spiraling metric nature. The CD’s listed here are some of my favorite.
Seek out live concerts of this music performed on period instruments. Such events will permanently mark your life. If you are ever in Paris you absolutely must attend a classical music concert. The old wooden halls in which they play are acoustically amazing and resonate beautifully with the music, which is strikingly different than what you will find here in the concrete buildings of the New World.

I am listing these in order of my preferred composers.

Pietro Antonio Locatelli
(1695 – 1764)
This CD is great for a small inexpensive sample of this composer
's work. You will enjoy the elegance of Wallfisch's interpretation with the Locatelli Trio of Op 6.

Opus 4 is my favorite of all of Locatelli's oevre and worth the investment. A must to every classical collection:

The Raglan Baroque Players also produced this excellent recording, which is also one of my favorite:

There are many more recordings that are worth purchasing, but they be listed here later.

Yohan Sebastion Bach
(1783 - 1750)
There are too many recordings to mention, but I list here my favorite three.

Being out of production this CD is a bargain used. A must for every Bach lover.

IIf you don't own this set you are really missing out. I love exploring this huge set on rainy days.


A beautiful recording worth owning. I have painted many paintings to this CD.

George Philip Telemann
(1679 - 1763)
Goebel's interpretations are my favorite. This set is worth owning.

If you love Baroque music you will love this CD.

Antonio Vivaldi
(1683 - 1743)
This recording of the Four Seasons is amazing. I own many and this is by far the most different and unique interpretation. It is performed incredibly fast with beautiful skill on period instruments. Fabio Bioni, director and lead violin, is spectactular. All of his recordings are worth owning.

George Philip Handel
(1685 - 1739)

This CD has been a favorite of mine for a long time. It makes me happy.





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