Two Candle Meditation

The two candle meditation.
Isolate yourself in a room free of clutter with a two candles and the painting. Prop the painting up against something such as a wall, dresser or bed. Place the candle to the right of the painting. Sit comfortably with your back to the painting and candle. Place the second candle in front of you. Darken the room as much as possible. Nighttime works best, because you will want the only light to be coming from the two candles. Close your eyes, clear your mind and take in several deep breaths. Open your eyes and focus solely on the flame of the candle. Think of nothing but the flame and your breath. Do this for at least five minutes. Those accustomed to meditating could do this for longer. The point is to be totally clear of thought clutter before you look at the painting. Then turn to sit facing the painting with the candle on the right. Stare at the painting. What are your first thoughts? Where do the thoughts go? Are they pleasant or frightening? Let them go where they want to go. It is critical to feel what comes up no matter what comes up. Know that these feelings and thoughts are demanding to be felt and seen, otherwise they wouldn’t have come up. They are arising now because you have pushed them away for too long and they deserve to be free and your body deserves to be clear.






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